Anna DeGuzman

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What Anna DeGuzman can do with a deck of 52 cards will make your head spin! Manipulating cards into impossible 3-D configurations, she cuts, flings, flips, rotates, juggles, and shuffles playing cards in the middle of the street, along train tracks, and in close-up shows at the most prestigious magic venues in the world. Her hands are a blur. There’s a name for her art: cardistry ("card artistry"). And Anna DeGuzman is one of the world's best. A YouTube and Instagram star, Anna is considered one of the most influential social media magicians in the country.

You may have seen Anna on Penn & Teller: Fool Us or Australia's Got Talent, now's your chance to see this rising star in the world of magic, live in person.Harry Houdini performed arm spreads and card fans that amazed audiences but Anna DeGuzman takes the art form to new levels. Cardists (“card artists”) have gradually becoming more and more advanced in their technique. Be amazed as Anna brings the cards to life with double arm spreads, turnovers, tosses, and catches. Ordinary cuts and shuffles become one-handed cuts and shuffle sequences.

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