London illusionists Matricks performing on stage with big illusion box and stage lights at corporate event
London illusionists Matricks performing on stage with big illusion box and stage lights at corporate event
London illusionists Matricks performing on stage with big illusion box and stage lights at corporate event
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Illusionist Magician in London, England

Matricks Illusion

Matricks Illusion

Professional Magician for Hire

About Matricks Illusion

This unique act has performed at a variety of high profile events and venues, including London's West End production of "Wonderville", live finals of Britain's Got Talent 2022 & recently being featured on the National Lottery's ""Big Bash"" alongside stars such as Westlife, Adam Lambert and Cirque du Soleil, Hosted by Alesha Dixon and Jason Manford.

Matricks has a unique and innovative style, using a fleet of ground breaking illusions and choreographed precision throughout to create a truly mesmerising experience. Master Illusionist Alexander Jesson captures the imagination of every audience and commands a special stage presence like no other, blending magic and thrill with comedy and charm. A production that brings the traditional magic forms into the modern day.

How to hire Matricks Illusion

Share the basic details of your event via the booking form on this page. Include rough estimates or leave items blank if you are still finalizing them. We'll connect you via email to discuss further and get a bespoke quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Magician

How much does a magician near me cost to hire?

The cost of hiring a magician can vary significantly based on several factors, making it important to consider your specific needs and preferences. On average, professional magicians charge between $500 and $5,000 per event for their services. However, this rate can go higher for highly experienced or renowned magicians.

The total cost will depend on factors such as the magician's skill level, location, type of performance, and the duration of the event. Small private parties local to the magician will be priced lower than a large corporate event far from the performer. If you hire a magician to perform a bespoke trick designed to feature your companies brand or message, the price will fairly reflect this, too.

To get an accurate quote, it's recommended to contact magicians directly via Book A Magician, provide details about your event, and request quotes tailored to your specific needs. The performer will contact you to discuss any additional details or requirements, ensuring you receive a clear understanding of the cost before making a decision to add some magic to your next event.

How do I find a nearby local magician for hire?

To find a nearby magician for your event, consider using Use the search feature on the website to find local magicians in your area.

All of our magicians are happy to travel for your event, so be sure to search for magicians in nearby cities and across your country to find the perfect match.

Once you've found a magician whose profile matches your preferences, click on their profile to learn more about their services and expertise. On the magician's profile, you should find a form or a contact option to get a bespoke quote for your event. Fill out this form with the necessary details, such as the event date, location, type of performance you desire, and any specific requests you have.

After submitting the form, you should receive responses from the magician(s) you've contacted. They will provide you with personalized quotes and additional information about their services.

Once you've made your decision, contact your chosen magician to confirm the booking and discuss further details. Using simplifies the process of finding and hiring a local magician. The online directory allows you to connect with multiple magicians and choose the one that best suits your event.

What types of events do magicians perform at?

Magicians are versatile entertainers and can perform at a wide range of events to add a touch of magic and wonder. Some common types of events where magicians perform include:

Birthday Party Magicians
: Magic is a popular choice for children's and adult birthday parties, providing interactive and captivating entertainment. Hiring a magician is the easiest way to guarantee your guests remember the party forever.

Wedding Magicians: Add magic to your wedding reception, cocktail hour, or even the wedding ceremony to entertain guests and create memorable moments. Magic can entertain wedding guests of all ages and is engaging across languages.

Corporate Event Magicians: You can hire magicians for corporate functions, like conferences, trade shows, product launches, and company parties, to engage and entertain employees and clients.

Trade Show Magicians: Magic and illusions can draw attention to booths, engage potential customers, and help businesses stand out at trade shows and exhibitions. Plus, our magicians can create bespoke tricks to fit your brand, logo, and message.

Private Party Magicians: Magic can be a fantastic addition to holiday events. You might hire a magicians for a Christmas party, Halloween gathering, New Year's Eve celebration. Some clients like to book nearby magicians for birthday parties engagement parties, bat mitzvahs, and we even get some funeral bookings!

Walkaround Magicians: Some magicians specialize in tableside or close-up magic, performing at restaurants, nightclubs, and cocktail parties to enhance the event. This kind of scenario is perfect for fooling close-up magic, ensuring your guests enjoy the entire night and engage with one another through the shared magic experience.

Theater Show Magicians: Some magicians perform in dedicated theater shows, showcasing their skills in a stage production. If you want to hire a magician for a corporate event, awards show, or company dinner, they can come with a prepared 15 minute, or 45 minute show to entertain your guests.

Online Show Magicians: Yep! That's right, the pandemic created the need to entertain teams remotely on Zoom. Magic is perfect for this as it is visual and interactive. Why not let your staff invite their entire family to participate in a virtual team magic show. Our magicians can even build team building and engaging lessons into their tricks.

There are so many more events our magicians cater to, so be sure to browse them all listed in the footer of Book A Magician.

How do I hire a magician near me for a party?

If you're looking for a local magician to add some magic at a birthday party, christmas party, or even a wedding, you're in the right place. We recommend you follow these simple steps:

Define Your Needs: Start by understanding the nature of your event and your budget. Consider whether it's a children's birthday party, corporate event, or wedding celebration.

Research and Shortlist Magicians: Utilize to find local magicians in your country, city, or in a nearby city. Take time to read reviews and assess their professionalism and performance quality.

Contact Magicians: Reach out to the best magicians using our booking form. We'll connect you with them directly to discuss your event's specifics, such as the date, location, duration, and the type of performance you desire.

Ask for References and View Videos: Request references from magicians and contact their previous clients for feedback. Additionally, ask for video clips of their past performances to evaluate their style and skills.

Meet or Interview the Magician: Whenever possible, meet with the magician in person or arrange a video call. This interaction will give you insights into their personality, professionalism, and how well they align with your event.

Check for Insurance and Legal Compliance: Ensure that the magician carries liability insurance, which is vital for corporate events and venues with insurance requirements. Verify that they comply with any legal or permit obligations.

Discuss Pricing and Contract: Request a comprehensive quote that outlines the total cost and any additional fees. Carefully review the contract terms, including cancellation policies and payment schedules.

Confirm Availability: Verify that the magician is available on your event date and time.

Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, select the magician who resonates with you in terms of professionalism, personality, and the type of entertainment they offer. As a general note, the best magicians will charge at the higher end of your budget and deliver the best magic.

Book Early: To secure the magician's services, make your booking well in advance.

By following these steps, you can confidently hire the best magician, ensuring a magical and captivating experience for your party guests.